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Welcome to Megasquirt Waikato

This web site is dedicated to the serious DIY fuel injection hobbyist. We DO NOT do "plug and play" systems here. The main focus here is around MS1 and the relevant mod's and trick's you can do with the basic ECU. On this web site we hope you can find the information you may need to get squirting as soon as possible.

Megasquirt is a DIY fuel and ignition management system available to you at a low cost compared to some other systems available. With Megasquirt the software to tune and modify you system is freely available from this web site. All support you will need can also be obtained from this web site.

Megasquirt comes to you in a couple of ways. Assemble the ECU yourself or pre assembled, please look at the products page for more details.

Please feel free to look around....